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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Let's make Things Better! 

There are no words for the shock, grief and despair that Gidon and I feel right now. We are, as are most Israelis, almost speechless. We feel the same horror that those in this region and the world are reeling from. We hold our breath, silently praying that this will end soon and that a just and lasting peace will finally come.  

But this experience has also given us an amazing opportunity for growth. It's given us the chance to lower our shoulders, take a deep breath, and work to override the powerful emotions coursing through us. We aim to gain clarity and a better, more hopeful perspective. It's a real-time lesson on keeping our eyes on the prize – a just peace for all who live in this land.

During this time, we made the very difficult decision of leaving TikTok behind for the time being. We received more hate in a few weeks regarding this war than we had received in the previous several years. It was too much for our mental well-being. We decided to take care of ourselves first and foremost and continue working on our book Let's Make Things Better (Pan MacMillan/Hachette 2024) 


In the maelstrom of media centered on this conflict, it is almost impossible to find out what is really going on, what is the truth, and which source to trust. Naomi Klein wrote, "Staying calm is a form of resistance." We love that, and in our words, we say, "Stay calm and inform yourself with many points of view."

We have put together a list of podcast episodes, journalists, books, and peace organizations that we think are reputable. We created this list by choosing credible outlets and authors and included those with differing points of view. We will continue to add to this list and appreciate your suggestions. 

Podcast Series


(from the Arabic word for “reconciliation”) is a grassroots project working to bridge understanding between people in conflict around the world, with a primary focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Our goal is to foster a nuanced understanding of important issues, transform the way people communicate and inspire real-world action.


A podcast produced in Washington by Americans for Peace Now, the sister-organization of Israel’s preeminent peace movement, exploring issues and trends relating to peace and security for Israel, focusing on Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians and efforts to resolve it. If you care about Israel, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, about Israel’s future as a democracy and a Jewish state, this podcast is for you.



A podcast about Palestinians and Israelis refusing to accept the status quo and working to change it. We tell stories of people on the front lines. Groundwork is hosted by Sally Abed and Dina Kraft and produced by Yoshi Fields. We are a joint production of New Israel Fund and the Alliance for Middle East Peace.

Jew Oughta Know

From ancient history to current events, Jew Oughta Know takes listeners on a journey through the story of the Jewish People. From the ancient beginnings and people of Canaan to modern Israel, Jew Oughta Know takes deep dives into biblical archeology, current-day issues, and everything in between. 

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