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Photo by Erez Kaganovitz, Humans of the Holocaust.

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Julie Gray was born in 1964 in the San Joaquin Valley in California. A longtime Huffington Post contributor, Julie has been published in the Sanskrit Literary Journal, Moment Magazine, The Times of Israel, MovieMaker Magazine, Script Magazine, and Hip Mama. Her essay "The Freaking Autumn of My Life" was included in the anthology "Aging: An Apprenticeship." A veteran essayist and editor, Julie moved to Israel in 2012 and is working on her memoir "They Do Things Differently Here." Author website

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With his merry blue eyes, shock of white hair, and mischievous grin, Gidon Lev did not fit my image of a Holocaust survivor. But then, he was the only one I had ever met. Of the 15,000 children imprisoned in or transported through the Theresienstadt concentration camp, fewer than 100 survived. Gidon Lev is one of those children. He lost 26 family members in Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Buchenwald. But there are other facts about Gidon too: he has very many unpaid parking tickets, went zip-lining on his 85th birthday, vandalized a political billboard, and has a girlfriend 29 years younger than himself. I fell in love with the subject of my book. 

The True Adventures of Gidon Lev offers a primer on Jewish and Israeli history, insights into the culture of the modern state of Israel, and the inspiration to carry on after hardship and loss. From Prague to New York to California and back to Israel again, Gidon Lev and Julie Gray take us on a journey into the depths and back up into the sunshine of hope, love, laughter, and possibilities. Weaving Gidon’s invaluable memories together with the cultural and historical backstory of time and place, Julie Gray invites readers inside the process of mining memories for truths and history for lessons. The number of Holocaust survivors left in the world today is dwindling. Who will tell their stories when they are gone?

The True Adventures of Gidon Lev carves an important new space in the oeuvre of nonfiction books about the Holocaust. Fresh, entertaining, and quirky on the face of it, the book is packed with history, context, and the irreplaceable charm and personality of Gidon himself. 



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The True Adventures of Gidon Lev: Rascal. Holocaust Survivor. Optimist. 

Julie Gray

July 1,2020 

$16.95 (pbk), $9.99 (ebk)

English language market

Paperback, ebook

8.5 x 5.5


NONFICTION/Biography/Middle East



978-1-7352497-0-4 (PRINT) 

978-1-7352497-1-1 (EBOOK)

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