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The Early Beginnings

When The Gidon Project came together, in November of 2017, Gidon Lev was 83 years old and there were about 80K rough draft words written and spread over a large number of documents. It was quite a challenge. The first thing that volunteer Mary Phillips did, in January of 2018, was to read over, summarize and collate these various files, which was an enormous task. The next step was to get some serious file version management implemented so that we didn't lose anything. As that was happening, volunteer Lynn Poritz recorded and transcribed four interviews of Gidon's oral memories. Under my direction and with my encouragement, Gidon wrote and rewrote material and volunteers began spending hours getting those pages typed. It cannot be overstated what our beloved volunteers have meant to this project, as they took on pages and pages of handwritten material, with words in Hebrew and Yiddish and sometimes Czech, even while in their own lives, they had children to raise and bills to pay. This incredible altruism has really been the heart of the project!

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