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Desperate Times Call for Laughter, Hijinks and Youtube!

Today Gidon and I made our own YouTube Channel. We are on Day We Don't Remember of self-quarantine, as we try to protect ourselves and others from this horrid virus and also stay sane. What a crazy time. Thank goodness the virus has not affected the release date of our book (this July!) but it is affecting everyone in myriad ways.

Gidon and I both believe that laughter is the best medicine and so with nothing to lose and not that much to gain, we decided to video some of the antics we are getting up to as we shelter from the storm.

I have always been a fan of Youtube and the huge number of tutorials, documentaries and music videos. I have watched hours of all of those things and found them very helpful. I also know that I am stressed to the gills with all of this virus stuff and that I appreciate a laugh more now than I ever have. If Gidon and I can make you smile, we are well pleased.

Hopefully this crisis will pass soon, but likely it will take some time. I am doing everything I can to guard Gidon from this virus that is disproportionately affecting elders. Gidon is a treasure not just to me personally, but to so many as more than a Holocaust survivor but so, so much more. Hug you parents and grandparents today. That's an order.

Subscribe to our channel and we thank you. It gives us something to do and a sense of purpose while we are trying not to go crazy.


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