Have You Voted?

Aha! Gotcha! Of course, Gidon and I do not discuss politics on our blog! BUT we need your vote for the Goodreads 2020 Reader's Choice awards! If you are a Goodreads member - and we hope you are, it's a fantastic resource! - you can write in The True Adventures of Gidon Lev in the non-fiction category. We know it might sound silly but even writing our title in will expose our book to more readers.

Actually, The True Adventures IS being announced as one of the top indie books of 2020 in a large New York based trade publication in December, so we've very proud of that.

We are also very proud of this Goodreads review we got:

"Julie Gray’s biography of Gidon Lev who survived the horrors of the Theresienstadt concentration camp as a young boy and whose zest for life is inspirational is a captivating, well-drawn and warmly penned narrative that’s hard to put down. The book’s structure reminds me of another and very different biography written about Orson Welles by Barbara Leaming. Both books allow you to hear both the voice of the author and the personality themselves in candid conversation with the author. This double-threaded narrative strikes me as a very effective and engaging way to construct a biography, and Julie Gray uses it to very great effect.
One cannot fail to be moved and humbled by Gidon Lev’s story and his remarkable level-headed and philosophical outlook on life and politics in general. Without wanting to spoil the story for readers, suffice it to say that there are in Lev’s life terribly sad and moving moments that sit cheek-by-jowl with other truly life-affirming and joyous incidents. And Gray has conveyed these with a lightness of touch that makes the reading all the more enjoyable.
‘The True Adventures of Gidon Lev’ is a first-class biography of a remarkable man. It is also an important work that lends a great deal of humanity and understanding to the canon of testimonies and historical treatises documenting one of the darkest episodes of human history.

Alex Pearl is author of ‘Sleeping with the Blackbirds’ and ‘The Chair Man’

Thank you everyone for all of your loving support and if you haven't read the book yet, we hope you do! Here again is the link to write in our title in the non-fiction category on Goodreads.

We hope everybody is keeping well.

Julie and Gidon