Sneak Preview of our Audiobook

Dear friends of The True Adventures - we have good news! Our audiobook is underway and today we have a teaser to share with you; the first few minutes of chapter one, with beautiful sound design thanks to Vickie Sampson and a wonderful actor who plays the role of Gidon in his younger years.

For more information about the genesis of this audio project made in a bomb shelter and the impressive credentials of our sound designer, click here.

This is but a sample; the book has 30 chapters and believe me, the True Adventures of Gidon Lev take many twists and turns! If you haven't already, we appreciate even a small donation to help us cover the cost of this audiobook. It is not identical to the book; it's a more immersive experience. We hope to have it available by mid-May and then the print and ebooks will be available later in June. Hopefully things will be a bit more normal by then!