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That Time Gidon Got Covid

It had to happen. After more than two years of lockdowns and handwashing and masking - Gidon finally got a variant of Covid-19. Thank goodness his symptoms were very mild; a low fever and fatigue, and only lasted a few days. But it was a scare for both of us and changed our travel plans. Of course, it only took me about three days later to get it myself. My symptoms were those of a head cold. Luckily, we were comfortably ensconced in a lovely home in Santa Cruz, with piles of books and sunlight and fresh sea air drifting in through the windows. Hopefully, Gidon won't suffer any long term effects. His energy is back, along with his determination, and that is good to see. Here's Gidon saying hi on Instagram.

Up, up and away we go, to return to our wonderful visit here in California!


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