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Travelin' Man

In the past eight days, Gidon has been at the airport eight times, and taken two round trip flights to two totally different countries, to teach about Holocaust education. That's a lot for anyone, but imagine having the energy to do that when you are 88 years old!

First, we went to Prague to attend the EJA symposium in Prague and Theresienstadt, where Gidon was the honored guest and told his story to European diplomats and dignitaries. I gave a talk about the opportunity that social media offers to teach Holocaust education. The next day, there was a memorial event at Theresienstadt where Gidon spoke again. It was an incredible experience.

Then, only two days later, we went to Dubai, as guests of the Israeli Consulate, where we attended a truly landmark event; the first time that International Holocaust Remembrance Day has been commemorated in an Arab State. Gidon told his story to European and UAE diplomats, dignitaries and ambassadors at the incredible Crossroads of Civilization Museum. The museum is the first museum in the Middle East to feature an exhibit about the Holocaust and was built and is curated by the generous Ahmad Almansoori.


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