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On January 21st Gidon received his second vaccination. For me, it wasn't a moment too soon. I am so relieved. We are still wearing our masks and being very careful but we are both so happy. Two days later I got my second vaccination, so hopefully, for now, all is well in the House of Lev. We are both sad, though, that so many people we love and care about in the US and elsewhere have yet to receive their shots. In fact, I wrote an article about this issue in the NY Post last week.

In other news, our book is one of the featured January book club reads in Book Trib, something we are also proud of - AND - there is a lovely article in the Times of Israel about me, Gidon and the street kitties of Israel. So, as you can see, we are staying quite busy and are both looking forward to the arrival of spring and with it, we hope, better news for everybody!


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