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Yom HaShoah

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel and this year, it's a lonelier one. Most public events have been canceled or re-imagined during this time of the Coronavirus. Many articles about Holocaust survivors and how they are coping have appeared in Israeli media and Gidon was featured prominently in Haaretz, by journalist Allison Kaplan Sommer.

Last evening, Gidon and I had a knock at the door - which is quite unusual these days! When we opened it, two young Israeli women in a scouting organization were there, with masks on, and were giving out remembrances to Holocaust survivors. We were both so touched.

Our work on the audiobook is coming along very well and it certainly keeps us busy which keeps our chins up. Our sound designer, Vickie Sampson is finding and choosing great music and fx to make Gidon's story as immersive as it can be - something that we hope will be powerful to a new generation as we work to improve Holocaust education and its reach. The cost of producing an audio experience is much higher than the cost of writing a book, naturally, and Vickie has set up a wonderful fundraiser so that when we are done, our audiobook is best as it can be. Here is a link to contribute if you are able to, in these hard times.

And here is a sneak preview of Chapter One. We hope you enjoy it!


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