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You Go, Girl!

Book excerpt from The True Adventures of Gidon Lev

I am angry. At myself. At all of us. I know this is a very cheeky take on a very powerful, well-known poem by Martin Niemöller but as I write this book about the life of Gidon Lev, I am angry and I am scared about what I am seeing happen in the news all over the world. I am working on a chapter of the book called "Howl", if that's any indication. Please know that what I have written, below, is written with great chagrin. It describes my own behavior, very much so. I know there are far better people than me, out there fighting the good fight every day. I will join those ranks, with god as my witness.

First, they came for the immigrants and ethnic minorities and I strongly disagreed. Uncool.

Then they put children in cages and I did not speak out because were they really cages? I mean, it’s temporary, right? Is this even true?

Then they came for the reporters and I did not speak out unless you count shouting at my television set because wow, holy shit.

Then they came for the LGBTQ community and I was like damn, thank god my LGBTQ friends are safely living in LA or New York.

Then they came for women’s reproductive rights and I quietly freaked out and knit some pink pussy hats to help my anxiety.

Then they made deals with dictators and hate-mongers but it’s just politics, isn’t it? Just the raw version? Isn’t this normal?

Then they came for the unemployed and welfare recipients and I kind of criticized that over dinner with someone but it got super awkward.

Then they did not outlaw automatic weapons or label hate groups for what they are - domestic terrorists and I clicked the angry, barfing emoji like a hundred times.

Then they came for the homeless and mentally ill and that time, I went on Twitter and was like #lame.

Then they came for Jane Fonda and I was all #yougogurl!

Then they came for me – and nobody even posted about it.


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