Gidon was born in 1935 in Karlovy Vary, in the former Czech Republic.

His family was transported to the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in 1941.

Gidon was in the camp from the ages of 6 to 10.

Of the 15,000 children transported through or imprisoned in Theresienstadt, fewer than 92 survived. Gidon is one of those children.

Gidon lost 26 family members in the Holocaust.

Theresienstadt is located near Prague. It is also known as Terezin, in Czech. 

The Red Army liberated the camp on May 8th, 1945. 

Gidon has 6 children, 15 grandchildren & 2 great-grandchildren.

Gidon has lived in Israel since 1959.

Gidon is 86 years old and delivers flowers.

Gidon has visited Theresienstadt/Terezin three times since liberation; most recently as he wrote his book.

No, Gidon does not have a tattoo. Only Auschwitz tattooed its prisoners.

No, Gidon does not support comparing getting vaccinated or requirements to wear a mask to the Holocaust.