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Gidon & Julie: a love story

Gidon and I met when Gidon was looking for an editor for his book. From the moment we met, we knew we were simpatico. We have no logical explanation. We just love each other. 

Many people ask us if we are married - no, we are not. People also ask us about our age difference (29 years!) and whether that bothers us. Not at all!

Gidon and I have been together since 2017. We live near Tel Aviv.  We keep very busy. I am a writer and
editor and Gidon does most of our shopping and repairs. On Friday afternoons you can often find us out delivering flowers together. 

Gidon and I have had so many adventures together and we plan on continuing to do just that for as long as we can. 


Few of our adventures!

  • Went camping in what we found in the out very early hours of the morning was an off limits demilitarized zone. 

  • Heard the jackals chattering very near to our campsite in the off limits demilitarized zone.

  • Damaged the oil pan in the car and had to get towed out of the demilitarized zone. 

  • Almost got separated from each other on the 42nd Street subway in New York.

  • Fell through the same cattle grate at the same time. At night. In the Golan Heights. 

  • Went to a demonstration against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

  • Went to a peace rally on Memorial/Naqba Day. 

  • Hid in our bomb shelter.

  • Stayed in bed and decided not to hide in the bomb shelter.

  • Got busted having a cookout where you’re not supposed to have cookouts.

  • Went swimming in the Mediterranean and treated jellyfish stings. 

  • Sat in a hospital waiting room for nine hours. 

  • Traveled to: California, New York, and Prague. 

  • Ran red lights.

  • Gotten very many parking tickets.

  • Binge watched several Netflix series.

  • Wrote a book together. 

  • Went viral on Tiktok

  • Made a podcast

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