The Real Deal Bio

I am from California but I live in the Middle East, which was a crazy thing to do but here I am. For a long time I was working on a memoir about my life, and what a culture shock it was to go from LA to Tel Aviv, but when I met Gidon, I put my time to better use, which is another way of saying I'll finish that damned memoir one of these days. 

I love to lap swim and I get in the pool a couple of times a week. I knit like crazy and I love to read. I love my cats, Herzl and Brad Shalom-Freedomburger, who I found on the street in Tel Aviv.


Recently, I have become obsessed with a cookbook called Sababa, which has insanely delicious Israeli recipes. I love to travel and have discovered that Italy is the best place ever. I can stay inside and read and write for insanely long periods of time. Thus - the pool.


I have two grown kids, both of which I am very proud, and Gidon Lev is, without question, the best person that I ever met. I only wish I had met him long, long ago. He is my best friend, and my soulmate and he makes me a better person. 

The Professional Bio

I am a California native and I lived and worked in Hollywood for ten years where I was a story analyst and story editor for novels and film scripts.  In 2012, I moved to Israel.  


A longtime Huffington Post contributor, I have contributed to Moment Magazine, The Times of Israel, Script Magazine, Hip Mama Magazine and the Sanskrit Literary Journal, among others. 

I have enjoyed volunteering with several organizations, including The Afghan Women's Writing Project, Creativity for Peace, the Middle East Partnership Initiative, Kids for Peace and Amnesty International. 


My book Just Effing Entertain Me: A Screenwriter's Atlas is available at Amazon and my essay The Freaking Autumn of My Life was included in Aging: An Apprenticeship.  

To contact me, please email hello at JulieGray dot info and to enquire about my availability as a story editor, you can go to my website:


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