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Touring Israel

If you've read The True Adventures of Gidon Lev - and we hope you have! - you have by now noticed that the book is multi-dimensional, telling more than Gidon's story but also surrounding that story with historical context and with the sights and sounds of the land of Israel, where Gidon has spent the majority of his life.

Now that most pandemic travel restrictions are over, visitors are returning to Israel. Thankfully, once again the opportunity exists to travel to this complicated, ancient, modern, living and breathing place and see it for yourself.

In Chapter 9 of The True Adventures podcast, which is even more immersive than the book, we spoke briefly with Laura Nelson Levy, a tour guide in Israel of over 35 years, about her take on the story of Masada. Laura has deep knowledge about the history of Israel but more than that - she loves this land and is a gifted tour guide. If you would like to schedule a visit to Israel, Gidon and I urge you to book a tour with Laura. You can reach her at and let Laura know you heard about her on our podcast!


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