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Of the approximately 15,000 children imprisoned in the Nazi

concentration camp of Terezin, only an estimated 92 survived. Gidon Lev 

is one of those children.

The True Adventures of Gidon Lev is a warm, reflective story of a man who refused to be defined by the Holocaust and the writer 30 years his junior who fell for him. A thoughtful exploration of the shifting nature of memory, the art of aging well, and the importance of being silly, The True Adventures builds on the recollections and writing of Gidon Lev and contextualizes the cultural and historical backstory of tumultuous times. 


With curiosity and compassion, The True Adventures examines everything from the horrifying abyss of the Holocaust and the mysterious nature of trauma, to the profound impact of the kibbutz movement on Israeli culture, and the painful complexities of the conflict in Israel and the Middle East today.


In this unusual joint narrative, fueled by tenderness, readers will relate to truisms, like the fact that life is a journey of unfolding and piecing events together in ways that we want and need to remember them, and in ways that we can tolerate recalling them. Our memories, those we can martial, are a carefully, sometimes unruly curated record of ourselves. 


As importantly, the book offers plentiful evidence that the stuff of ordinary life, with supper to make, marauding mosquitos, good times and bad is the canvas upon which we create our own meaning. 


“You don’t get the life you want,” Gidon once said. “You get the life that you get.”


From Prague to New York, California, and back to Israel, The True Adventures takes us on a journey with an unusual couple as they navigate the past and create a playful, joyful life together in the now.

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