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What a Shana Tova For Us!

Gidon and I are so proud to be on this list which includes so many Jewish luminaries! The work we do on TikTok sometimes takes a lot out of us, but it's been quite an experience.

When we first started a TikTok account, we simply thought we would bring more exposure to the book. Little did we know that we would become online activists combatting antisemitism and teaching Holocaust education online (about which I have mixed feelings.)

So much has happened since July 2020, when we released our book and we are happy to say that we are working on an updated version of the book to expand upon our adventures. That's life with Gidon - the adventures never seem to end!

Later this month, we are heading to the Czech Republic to complete the filming of the documentary. We will visit Prague and the home Gidon's family lived in before they were transported to Theresienstadt, then of course to Theresienstadt itself and then, finally, to Karlovy Vary the place of Gidon's birth. This time we'll be going with a film crew and a few relatives, so it will truly be an epic adventure. In exciting news the Grand Hotel Püpp, established in 1701, will be generously and complimentarily hosting Gidon, me and the whole crew.

We will of course take many photos of our trip and post them on our Instagram and TikTok accounts.


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