Loving Life Buddy

I don't remember exactly when I started referring to Gidon as my LLB, or Loving Life Buddy, but the term stuck and my Loving Life Buddy and I have had many adventures together. These are but a few. 

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Humans of the Holocaust


June, 2021

Humans of the Holocaust


Few of our adventures!

  • Went camping in what we found in the out very early hours of the morning was an off limits demilitarized zone. 

  • Heard the jackals chattering very near to our campsite in the off limits demilitarized zone.

  • Damaged the oil pan in the car and had to get towed out of the demilitarized zone. 

  • Almost got separated from each other on the 42nd Street subway in New York.

  • Fell through the same cattle grate at the same time. At night. In the Golan Heights. 

  • Went to a demonstration against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

  • Went to a peace rally on Memorial/Naqba Day. 

  • Hid in our bomb shelter.

  • Stayed in bed and decided not to hide in the bomb shelter.

  • Got busted having a cookout where you’re not supposed to have cookouts.

  • Went swimming in the Mediterranean and treated jellyfish stings. 

  • Sat in a hospital waiting room for nine hours. 

  • Traveled to: California, New York and Prague. 

  • Ran red lights.

  • Gotten very many parking tickets.

  • Binge watched several Netflix series.

  • Wrote a book together.